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Deliver at speed and scale against consumer expectations

ConsumerX, Retail

& Connected Commerce

As digital and physical channels merge and shoppers expect a connected experience across all touchpoints, retailers must enable a bold omni commerce strategy.

It is undeniable that an outstanding user experience is significantly responsible for the success of the customers’ products.

Companies face the challenge of having to implement digital initiatives technically and simultaneously manage them efficiently. There are many requirements for strategy, technology, customer segments, as well as organization and business model.

Integra Digital Garage can help you to create customer experiences with our clients that can be scaled in a digital platform and integrated into your company’s ecosystem.

How we see the future

Your customers won’t settle for disjointed, impersonal experiences.

Create customer experiences that earn loyalty and trust.

Customers are to be gained and lost based on the quality of the customer experiences, now more than ever. The pandemic is adding additional pressure on businesses and their digital touch points. Companies across every industry are facing both challenges and opportunities. Companies must focus on the people who matter most to the success of their business – their employees and their customers.

In times of such uncertainty, expectations of customers rise, with heightened needs around relevance, speed, service continuity. Customers also want more direct and empathetic solutions and services from their service providers. A clear priority for every enterprise is to focus and accelerate product experiences by amplifying their digital strategies.

Employee strategies are also of great importance with workforces dramatically shifting, with remote workers working on video conferences, to critical employees working under unprecedented pressures in front-line healthcare and local grocery store aisles. It is now clear that modern technology, real-time access to critical information, customer data, and productivity tools are no longer luxuries.

Integra FinTech Transformation Solutions

Mobile Apps

Help your employees do their best work and enrich your customers’ daily interactions with the power of Integra mobile experience strategy and design. Our unique value is in helping our clients deliver an end-to-end mobile vision for a connected enterprise.


Leverage existing enterprise communication channels and seamlessly support newer channels to provide on-demand access to information and services with ease. Expand scope of automation beyond IT simplification by helping users with purposeful interfaces.


Our Cloud migration approach puts your business needs first, creating industry-specific solutions to get you moved to—and benefiting from—the cloud now. From migration to cloud management, your business can realize its full promise and achieve measurable value.

Accelerate and scale the implementation of RPA, BPM & ChatBOTs across the spectrum.

RPA in Retail

To achieve efficient and error-free operations, the retail industry is integrating disruption with RPA.

Integra Garage Methodology

Potential Impact with our CX Garage

Discover your opportunities

Our experts will understand your business and will decipher which challenges are most critical for your business and identify common goals that would make the biggest business impact.

Envision impactful solutions

Integra experts bring together years of industry knowledge and apply it creatively to your real business problem. You can lead the way with a fast and exceptional minimum viable product (MVP)

Quality, Agility and Collaboration

Agile thinking makes sure that you deliver what your customers will want, need, and actually use. Technology, aggression, market behavior and speed get culminated at our garages.

Leverage Proven Practices

Save time and rapidly move using reference practices that are based on our expert team’s interaction with our clients. Provide a roadmap to build, extend, and deploy your Solution.


Faster time to market.


Reduced solution design time.


Improved cultural readiness.