Integra & Red Hat

Celebrating 20 years of partnership

Paving the way for innovation through open source

Integra and Red Hat® have been providing industry-leading solutions for over 20
years. Together, the organizations have made significant investments in Red Hat Platforms and have demonstrated their commitment to driving innovation in open source.

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What we do

IMSS helps Enterprises with their Red Hat Stack adoption & usage strategies

Platform as a Service

IMSS enables cloud capabilities that host data centers and build business capabilities with container-based applications and serverless computing

Cloud Migration

IMSS helps enterprises shift from infrastructure-centric modernization & migrations to Cloud-native migrations with multi-Cloud capabilities with tools based containerization of legacy apps shift to Kubernetes and moving large volumes of data to Cloud

Cloud Management & Operations

IMSS helps enterprises enable modern ways to manage and operate the Cloud ecosystem thereby empowering developers to be more agile and facilitate DevSecOps along with amplified automation & multi-Cloud resiliency

Cloud Integration

IMSS domain-specific iPaaS services enable hybrid Clouds to co-exist with platforms by simplifying the integration of streaming and Cloud-native applications. This also enables the shift from reliance on traditional security tools to cloud-native, intelligent security tools

The first premier partner for Red Hat in India.

The Results

IMSS & Red Hat partnership is a natural synergy & a winning alliance for Enterprises to leverage.

“Since the beginning of the project, Integra team’s contributions have been invaluable. Your innovative ideas, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to overcome challenges have truly set you apart.”

Director, Asia’s 4th largest airline




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