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Mobile Payments

IMSS offers end to end software services in Mobile Payments including

  • mWallet, mCommerce, mBanking & Marketplace app development, maintenance & integration
  • Merchant, Utility & Bill Payment solutions
  • Remittances & Cash Transactions

FinTech App Development

IMSS has deep expertise in FinTech App & Backend Development, Security, Authentication & Integration. IMSS can help you create intuitive and rich native / cross platform mobile apps with high throughput & low latency custom backend. IMSS shall support you with configurable white labelled apps, customizable SDKs & Framework Design optimized for convenience, security, responsiveness & consistency.

Payment Gateways, POS & System Integration

IMSS specializes in Payment Gateway integrations. IMSS offers payment gateway integration services for retail or non-retail businesses, subscription based applications, multi-vendor payouts etc., IMSS is experienced in PCI compliant integrations, SSL, API, hosted payment, recurring payment integrations. We have vast expertise with most pf the payment gateways including Paypal, Authorize.Net, First Data, Intuit etc.,

IMSS also has deep experience in PoS integrations. Our offerings are designed to make transition to the payment platform convenient and flexible, improve transaction management and intelligence and creating more cohesive consumer transactions.

Managed Services, Maintenance & Testing

IMSS has vast experience with Managed Services, FinTech app or platform Lifecycle Maintenance, 24x7 L2 & L3 Support and Testing. Our testing services include system study, testcase generation, test automation and various types of testing including system testing, interation testing, functional testing & performance testing.

KYC, Biometrics, Barcode, QR Code, NFC

IMSS has built a strong foundation of expertise and experience in KYC space to bringin the right set of services and consulting depth. IMSS can

  • Support your operations and bring relevant technology assets
  • Maintain your KYC applications
  • Run your KYC operations through our delivery center
  • Manage KYC remidiation, case management and reporting
  • fraud management and platform implementations

IMSS provides barcode and QR code integration services by helping businesses improve data accuracy, collect data realtime and reduce business operating expenses.

IMSS also provides

  • Integration solutions for NFC enabled payment platforms
  • Integration to mobile wallet platforms
  • Custom NFC integration services
  • NDEF and SNEP development
  • Embedded software solutions including SoC development
  • security through tokenization, ECC, encryption to SE & HCE platforms
  • RTD integrations for text, URI etc


LCM for Mobile Wallet App

mWallet App Development

mWallet App Development



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