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K2 Blackpearl, K2 Smartforms and K2 Mobile

IMSS is a Value Added Reseller Partner (VARS) for K2 (Visit for more information). K2 provides an enterprise technology platform to build and run business applications, including smartforms, workflow, data and reports to streamline operations, reduce cost and minimize risk.

K2 is faster to implement which facilitates

  • Rapidly build Business Processes: A rich GUI and browser-based forms with offline capabilities.
  • Easily Deploy and Run Processes: Mobile capabilities and Cloud Storage Services.
  • Monitor and Track Business Processes: Auditing capabilities and Flexible task routing options.
  • Easily optimize and update processes: User based designing and Reusable BPM data integration entities.
Microsoft Sharepoint, K2-Sharepoint Integration & Microsoft Office

We have experts who are specifically focused on BPM based on Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Office and we can help you with integrating your Sharepoint systems with K2 platform including K2 Workflows, K2 Blackpearl, appit and K2 Mobile.

Opensource BPM Technologies

IMSS has expertise in Opensource BPM technologies including joget, Drools and jBPM and delivered several process optimization and automation projects based on opensource technologies. IMSS can help your organization achieve your business process management goals by utilizing these opensource BPM technologies.

Business Process Analysis

IMSS can help your organization to improve how you conduct your functions and activities, reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of scarce resources and better support your customers. IMSS can help you get process orientation, concentrate and rethink end to end activities that create value for customers and remove unnecessary, non-value added work.

Solution Design, Automation & Re-engineering (BPR)

IMSS can be your technology partner for Process Identification & Solution Design. IMSS has experts with experience in different sectors who can understand your issues, offer you the efficient planning of your system and support you in commissioning and continuous optimization. With our network of technology partnerships, IMSS is able to respond to your requirements properly.

Solution Implementation & Deployment

IMSS offers BPM Solution & Deployment Services for accelarating organizations ROI. We can help you with quick & effective execution of your BPM strategy, automation of manual processes by integrating your applications, integrating reporting & analysis tools that fit your unique needs and provide ongoing management & support.

Cloud BPM Integration

IMSS's Cloud BPM Integration Services can help you leverage the cloud capabilities by identifying relevant processes which have the potential to scale thus resulting in cost savings. We can help you develop capabilities to define and deploy business processes as a service. For a customer, this can help to achieve lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and rapid environment setup for development & deployment. IMSS can also help you with training, consulting, support and hosting of BPM applications on cloud.

Legacy System Integration & Testing (BPT)

IMSS's process testing experts can verify end-to-end business process by confirming that all business rules are working correctly and rectify any deviations. IMSS can help you with both manual and automated solutions for test case design, creation & execution and help reduce testing timelines. IMSS can help you with quick, efficient utilization of expertise and easy implementation of standards.

Process Control & Monitoring

IMSS can help you monitor / track individual processes as well as connected processes. IMSS can help you with realtime or adhoc monitoring of the processes you need to evaluate & analyze. We can also help with analyzing event logs created from process monitoring and our process analysts can detect descrepancies with process execution and analyze bottlenecks.



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