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MicroServices - Next step in apps

Monolithic architectures aren't an option anymore and microservices is the way to go.Recently many organizations are moving towards microservices based applications rather than having large, monolithic applications.In the microservices approach, applications can be developed using a series of...

5 tips to improve your MySQL Database performance.

Hello. Are You Looking to be a MySQL Database Expert! You can be one, try out the tips below. Its easy to start using database, but still one need to fine tune to get the required performance. Like all relational databases, MySQL can be complicated to tame easily for most people. But, the truth i...

5 Prominent Ways Retailers Can Leverage The Power Of Mobile Apps

Technologies like Bluetooth Smart, RFID, Beacons and Sensors that form the Internet of Things are already transforming the shopping into information oriented experiences. Every vertical in the retail industry including product discovery, advertising, logistics, inventory management and payments a...

Is your business fully utilizing today's Mobile Capabilities?

Computing platforms have drastically evolved from Mainframe Computers that occupied a large room to today's sleek Smartphones which fits in our palm.Today, your cell phone has more computing power than all of NASA back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon." - Michio KakuBy 2...

Starting a BPM project ? Here is a checklist.

Are you exploring to build a BPM solution for your organization? Feeling overwhelmed when looking at all the processes and their complexity? Wondering how to get started? If yes, here is a simple checklist to help you kick start your BPM project.1. List, Filter and Prioritize Processes Ident...



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